Ecommerce Salesforce B2B Commerce: A gateway to a robust customer experience

Ecommerce Salesforce B2B Commerce: A gateway to a robust customer experience



SALESFORCE B2B COMMERCE A gateway to a robust customer experience B2B buyers expect a comprehensive, efficient online buying experience. That means, sitewide, that your eCommerce buying experience equals that of B2C brands: • Site route and search are clear; • Complete product catalogs are accessible online; • Informational content allows customers to self-instruct 1) ATTRACTIVE, USER- FRIENDLY, AND OPTIMIZED FOR EVERY TOUCHPOINT B2B buyers want to find the products they need effortlessly and efficiently. Therefore, an intuitive navigation structure and a search function on the website are a must.An e-commerce site with a search function that filters and generates more specific results based on region and product ranking will increase conversion. 2) VISIBLE PRODUCT AND INVENTORY INFORMATION For an increasingly intuitive encounter, the ideal e-commerce website will feature products with 360° views with zoom functionality, high definition product videos, product reviews, and recommendations. For B2B buyers, inventory visibility is more about having shorter, clearer lead times to replenish inventory, whichthis helpsfurther, helps them better predict their own business, and plan their purchasing cycles. 3) A CONVENIENT PURCHASE PROCESS A seamless multichannel experience is the dream of many B2B buyers. To facilitate this process, Salesforce B2B commerce enables the B2B buyer to find accurate product information, check stock availability in their preferred store, make purchases, choose a payment method, and select flexible delivery or store pickup regardless of the device used. 4) PERSONALIZED SERVICE B2B buyers also expect the B2B site to understand their business and anticipate their needs by presenting relevant information. This will be accomplished through activities such as personalized emails and targeted promotions that will drive sales and increase customer satisfaction. Catalogs, products, and organized pricing are also a way for e-commerce companies to better reach their B2B customers and attract them with specialized product offerings and customer-exclusive pricing. 5) SMOOTH AND TRANSPARENT TRANSACTIONS A B2B customer will expect the standard package of multiple displays and calculation options for prices and taxes, advanced shopping cart features, and extensive configuration options for shipping and payment. Salesforce’s integrated Order Management function ensures maximum transparency at every stage of the customer journey. www.DOCMATION.COM © DOCMATION 2020. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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